Are you considering buying a new home in Houston? Purchasing a home is a big decision, so you want to make sure you have the knowledge and tools to find the perfect home at the best price. The Weaver Realty Group can help.

This guide covers all aspects of the home buying process including how to find the right home for your needs, financing, home inspections and more. It also includes top tools to take the hassle out of home searches and buying.

How a Houston Real Estate Agent Can Help

Many Houston home buyers start out trying to search for homes on their own, only to quickly realize that it can be a lot more complicated than it seems. This is especially true in a hot seller’s market where there is low inventory and a plethora of buyers.

A reputable real estate agent can help you navigate the Houston real estate market. Our local real estate agents have in-depth knowledge of the various Houston communities, market trends, comparative statistics and more. We also have access to the latest listings and home search technology.

We make it easy for you to determine which neighborhood is right for you and can match you with properties that fit your exact criteria. We can also help you negotiate the best possible deals and take care of the paperwork and legalities. This way you save time, money and energy. 

Our real estate team will work closely with you to understand your needs and help you find the dream home, all with as little stress as possible. We’ll make sure the home buying process runs smoothly from start to finish. These are just a few things we can help with:

  • Share local knowledge about neighborhoods in Houston
  • Advise you on commute times, school districts, community amenities, etc.
  • Help you settle on a budget and advise you of any additional costs
  • Provide access to the most up-to-date real estate listings and off-market properties
  • Help you evaluate homes and prices
  • Connect you to home sellers who have properties that fit your criteria
  • Arrange showings and open house tours
  • Advise you on financing and suggest reputable lenders in Houston
  • Negotiate with sellers on your behalf
  • Arrange home inspections
  • Deal with paperwork and legalities

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Establishing Your Budget For a New Home

The first thing you need to do before you even start searching for a new home is determine how much you can afford. You will need to take into consideration the down payment, monthly mortgage fees and any additional costs such as property taxes, homeowners association (HOA) fees, and home insurance.

A real estate agent can sit down with you and help you understand what your total costs will be for a new home and how much you will have to pay monthly and annually for your new home. Once you have established how much you can afford, then you can begin to search for homes that fit your budget.

Getting Pre-approved for a Mortgage

In today’s hot seller’s market, a mortgage pre-approval letter is a must for any home buyer. This letter shows sellers that you are serious about buying and it can help you determine how much money you will have access to. In addition, a pre-approval letter can help make the closing process go faster.

A mortgage pre-approval letter shows that a lender has assessed your finances and determined the maximum amount you can get for your mortgage. To get the letter, you will need to show proof of your income, assets, credit and employment. You may want to shop around for different lenders to see which options are best for you.

How to Close on a Houston Home

Once you’ve found the perfect Houston home and want to make it yours, you will have to take a few steps to close the deal. First, you will need to give the seller an official offer. Our local real estate agents can draw up the paperwork and help you submit it to the seller. The seller will then have a set time period to accept or reject it.

If the seller accepts your offer, you will have to make a deposit that is held in escrow. At this time you can also request a title search, schedule a home inspection and request proof of title insurance. This will ensure that you don’t run into any issues later such as costly repairs for unseen damages or unpaid property taxes.

Once you have determined that everything is in order with the home, you can finalize the purchase agreement. At this time you will need to order an appraisal from your mortgage lender and apply for your mortgage. If everything goes smoothly, you can transfer ownership and move in on the previously agreed move-in date.

There are many things to consider when closing on a home, as the process can be challenging. Our Houston real estate team can guide you through the steps, handle the paperwork and ensure everything is in order. We make sure that everything is in order so that you can close as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Home Buyer Tools

At The Weaver Realty Group we use the latest technology to help you find your new home and secure the best possible deal. If you’re planning on buying a Houston home, these top tools can help.

  • Search the latest listings here. Use our comprehensive search tool to find single-family homes, luxury homes, condominiums, townhouses and commercial property in Houston. 

  • Register for the Home Finder. Sign up for instant email alerts when new homes that fit your specifications come on the market. You can also create saved searches and bookmark your favorite homes.

  • Learn more about Houston communities. Find out which neighborhoods will suit your lifestyle, what home prices are like in the various communities, and search for homes by area.

  • Use our mortgage calculator. Find out how much you will have to pay for your mortgage every month with our comprehensive mortgage calculator tool.

  • Connect with a reputable Houston real estate agent. Our real estate agents have an outstanding reputation for working closely with home buyers to understand exactly what they want and need. No matter where you are on the home buying journey, we can help.

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